Currently this is how it works: 

- User A creates a new post (Gift).

- User B views post in the feed (Home) 
- User B taps the comment box next to their own profile picture under the post image (or if there are already comments, the user can also select the "Comments: #" link under the photo).

- User B submits a new comment "Please consider me!"

- User A is notified that someone submitted a comment

- User A goes to app and selects My Posts (bottom menu)
- User A taps the post text where it says "Comments: #" and views comment
- User A taps the green message icon to the right of user B's comment to private message them
- User A submits a private message to User B (e.g. my address is ... pickup on porch)

- User B gets a notification that they have received a Private Message

- User B goes to app and selects Inbox (bottom menu)
- User B taps the conversation to view the message(s)
- User B reads the message and responds (e.g. ill pick up today)

How do I Find the Give, Ask, and Gratitude Posts in My Community? Go to “Home” and this is the main feed for your local gift economy. Here, you’ll find all of the posts you and your neighbors contribute to the app. 


What Can I do in the Home Feed? Here, you can read everyone’s posts, which are published chronologically. You can also click on the profile picture and name of anyone who has posted and go to their profile page which includes all of their posts.You can also comment on people’s posts in the Home feed and read up on your daily gift economy happenings. 


How do I Message Someone? You can only message someone if they’ve commented on one of your posts. To message them, there’s a comments indicator at the bottom of your photo that tells you how many comments you have on your post. Hit the word “comments” and then you’ll see all of the comments to your post. You can then hit the green messaging/texting icon on the right hand side of the comments to message the person you’d like to private message. 


How Can I See Someone’s Profile? To click on someone’s profile to learn more about them, you can only click on their profile from one of their original posts in the Home feed.


How Can I View All Photos in a Multi-Photo Post? Click on any of the photos and swipe left or right to see the other photos. 


What is the Maximum Number of Photos I can post in a Single Post? Five


How do I Edit My Posts? To edit your posts, you must go to your original post in your “My Posts” page. You’ll find the edit button there and you can edit the text and the photos, too, if you’d like to change the photo or add others to your post. 


Why Does the Red Number for Red Messages in my Inbox Still Show Up When I’ve Read All Messages? Be sure to select the new message conversations (highlighted in green on the Inbox) in order to view the messages within that conversation.


How Do I Report a Post? Go to the original post in the Home feed and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the post. Here, you can report the post. 


How Can I Give Feedback to the App Developers? It’s easy, and fun! Please go to your profile page and click on “Leave Feedback”. There, you can upvote different ideas and features people are proposing, or issues they may be reporting about bugs in the app. You can also add your own! It’s like an entire app within an app (thanks to Canny) and you can check back often to see what the community is advising and experiencing. 

When Do I Get Notifications? You will be notified, in real time, when someone comments on your post or sends you a message or replies to a message from you. You will also receive push notifications from the app, telling you about updates and new features, if you opt in for those notifications.