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Our gratitude to the Buy Nothing community leaders and participants who take the time for these interviews. Your stories are an inspiration!

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May 4, 2021


The Buy Nothing Project is Building a Custom Sharing App!


In an effort to reach even more people around the globe to join in the sharing economy, the Buy Nothing Project is expanding beyond Facebook on to their own free BuyNothing platform! The all volunteer-run social movement, started on Bainbridge Island, WA in 2013 by Rebecca Rockefeller and Liesl Clark has grown to 4 million participants worldwide, in 6000 Facebook groups and 44 nations. Twelve thousand volunteers currently steward the Buy Nothing Project’s local gift economy open-source rules and standards, bringing the sharing mindset to people in  37 languages. The new BuyNothing custom platform will be for all devices, including laptops, smart phones and tablets. Everyone can sign up for the app at


“It’s clear that collectively our ‘consumer muscle’ has been overused, and we want to show the world that it’s possible to use that muscle in revolutionary ways: by sharing more, buying less, and creating a social safety net with our neighbors so we can pool resources and share radically for the common good,” said app co-founder Liesl Clark. 


Rebecca and Liesl have teamed up with Lucas Rix (software product strategist) and Tunji Williams (software entrepreneur) to craft a more equitable sharing experience for all Buy Nothing Project participants with the best technology available out there. For more details about the app and to connect with the app’s founders, please send your media inquiries to 


Over the nearly 8 years the Buy Nothing Project has been in existence, millions of dollars-worth of goods and services have been shared and countless tons of perfectly reusable items have been diverted from landfills. The app will ultimately enable us to quantify how much each community is saving from landfills and incinerators, with each participant saving money while building priceless bonds with neighbors nearby. 


This May, the Buy Nothing Project will launch the beta BuyNothing app on the Apple and Google App Stores to select communities around the world. And soon after that they will launch to everyone, and on every device.  The global waitlist for the app has organically grown to over 12,000 participants in 2 months, and continues to grow exponentially week-over-week.  You will soon be able to Give, Ask, Borrow, Lend, and express your Gratitude on a platform built for any community, where we each can develop features that are perfect for expanding the gift economy mindset worldwide.


Reach out to the BuyNothing app team to learn more and to join us!



Liesl, Rebecca, Tunji & Lucas

Co-Founders & Co-Volunteers

The Buy Nothing Project & The BuyNothing App

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

For Immediate Release


BuyNothing App Begins Global Debut on Bainbridge Island, Washington – Where it all Began

The BuyNothing App will officially debut on Bainbridge Island, Washington this Tuesday, June 1st.  The small and tight-knit island community is where the international BuyNothing Project began more than 8 years ago as a neighborhood social experiment.  The community has since grown exponentially to more than 4 million participants globally, across 44 countries.  

The BuyNothing app’s debut on Bainbridge Island this week will be the first of eight hyperlocal rollouts scheduled this summer as part of the BuyNothing App’s beta release process.  ShareThing, Inc., the company behind the BuyNothing app, is scheduled to make the app more broadly available to the global Buy Nothing Project community later this summer.  The founders of ShareThing, a team including Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller – the co-founders of the Buy Nothing Project – seek to make the app a more equitable and inclusive alternative to the current limited avenues for engagement with the global and rapidly growing movement. 

In describing what Buy Nothing Project loyalists and new participants alike can expect from the app’s user experience, ShareThing co-founder and Head of Product, Lucas Rix said, “Not much! :) Our beta app is functionally minimal, as are most beta launches. But we now have in place a foundation that, with the help of our community members, we will purposefully shape and evolve into a truly inviting, safe, and wonderful place for people to share with one another."

The ShareThing team is advised by a truly diverse and world-class team of expert advisors including members of the Global Buy Nothing Project Volunteer Leadership Team, senior executives, technical experts, and legal and strategic advisors from leading firms and technology companies like Lyft, Google, FiscalNote, and Huge.  Advisors include a world-leading machine learning and artificial intelligence professor (data equity strategy) and the Director of the COVID-19 Testing Task Force for a high-profile U.S. state (strategic operations).

The Buy Nothing Project community has grown by a third since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The ShareThing team looks forward to helping promote and steward continued exponential growth across the movement with the help of the app.  Asked about the app’s debut, ShareThing co-founder and Co-CEO, Tunji Williams said: 

“We look forward to telling the Buy Nothing story to millions of new participants from across the globe, in communities in every corner of the world.  We are building our values into this product out of love for a community that continues to make the Buy Nothing project a shining example of what’s possible when folks come together in a spirit of abundance and empathy.  The possibilities are endless.